Optimizing Production Quality

Kitov’s AI-based visual inspection software platform is a game-changer for industries that manufacture complex parts and products.

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Foundational Software for Industry 4.0

Over the last decade, Industry 4.0 has smoothed the path for smart factories that support complex manufacturing methods using artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and real-time digital interconnectivity. However, the visual inspection process remains a challenge for many smart factories, resulting in error-prone manual inspections for approximately vast majority of manufactured products. Kitov.ai offers machine builders, system integrators, and planners automated CAD-based visual inspection planning based on artificial intelligence, representing a game-changer for industries that manufacture complex parts and products.

AI-Based Inspections for Industrial Manufacturing

Visual Inspections for a Range of Markets

A broad range of industries and sectors – from electronics and automotive to defense, medical and retail, among others – benefit from using Kitov’s software platform to build automated inspection systems – tailored precisely to their needs.

Automated CAD Based Visual Inspection Planning

Integration of best-in-breed inspection tools and algorithms

As an open platform, machine builders, system integrators, and planners can integrate the software with their new and existing production processes, including best-in-breed detectors and hardware components. 3D metrology is supported as well.

Find Flaws with AI-Based Technology

A hybrid model using both AI and classical 3D Computer Vision, the software can be trained to find product defects such as cosmetic defects: scratches, dents, discoloration, etc.  and mechanical defects: worn, untightened, or defective screws, defective labels, bent pins, etc.  The inspection can handle to any 3D structures and geometries, making it ideal for complex part manufacture. The software learns as it goes, reducing inspection errors when a flaw detected earlier was marked as non-defective.


Visual Inspection for a Range of Applications

As the basis for building automated inspection systems, the software can support production lines in many sectors and across a wide range of applications, such as inspection, metrology and others