About us

A new direction for visual inspection

Kitov.ai offers a sophisticated software platform to plan and perform visual inspection to large manufacturers, machine builders, and system integrators.

An inflection point for visual inspection

Based on artificial intelligence, Kitov’s platform is a game-changer for industries that manufacture complex parts and products. The open platform automates CAD-based specification and planning of visual inspection as part of the manufacturing and visual inspection processes.

Using the Kitov platform, QC engineers define their inspection requirements directly on a complex CAD model – simply and intuitively – saving weeks or even months compared to manual programming and finetuning. The software optimizes the inspection plan for accuracy and throughput, guaranteeing full coverage while reducing robot motion and the number of images needed to cover all regions of interest, thereby minimizing the total inspection time.

Kitov’s open software platform is designed for easy integration with any robotic and automation environment, control environment, and line quality or enterprise software systems. 

Particularly useful for parts with complex geometries, Kitov’s software automatically extracts the specific geometric and semantic information for each inspection requirement defined on the CAD. This information is passed on to the relevant semantic detectors performing the inspection tasks, such as surface detector, label detector, screw detector, and existence detector. AI/Deep Learning is utilized to identify defects and anomalies and to continuously improve the software’s flaw-finding capabilities. Kitov.ai’s open software platform can be easily integrated with third-party detectors that benefit from the planning and reporting services provided by the software platform.

Hundreds of companies use Kitov to automate CAD-based specification and planning of visual inspection as part of their manufacturing and visual inspection processes.