AI-Based Inspections

Kitov uses a hybrid model using both AI  and classical 3D Computer Vision to uncover anomalies in challenging inspection environments.


Visual inspections at scale

Kitov delivers an intuitive automatic inspection planning tool that allows non-experts to create test plans in a few simple steps.  Using the software’s built-in wizards, the user is guided to define the most optimized test requirements, such as optimal 3D pose, number of images required, best illumination parameters, and fastest inspection path. The software can be trained to find product defects such as worn, untightened, or defective screws, scratches, defective labels, discoloration, bent pins, etc. The system “learns” variances in the product by scanning a handful of defect-free products. That’s it!



Integration of best-in-breed metrology tools

From planning and operating robotic inspection systems, the software platform can expand into other areas such as metrology and tooling, allowing customers to enhance their automation capabilities beyond inspection. For example, our partnership with Japanese manufacturer Mitutoyo allows metrology tools to be integrated into the hardware for in-site measurement of components during the inspection