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Leverages the customer’s domain-specific experience and knowledge in quality and inspection


Users are able to simply select surfaces and features within the CAD model, assign inspection requirements, and export the test requirements and part geometry in a CAD-independent format. In this way, test definitions can be created and stored alongside each part’s CAD data and simply loaded as required into other Kitov applications, for example when a part is changed on the production line.

A key feature of CAD2SCAN is the ability to select different inspections for different features or surfaces. A user can select an inspection from a drop-down menu to be applied to a particular location. Kitov has developed a suite of inspection types for the most common tasks and is continually developing additional inspection types. Different inspections can correspond to different image analysis algorithms or anomaly detectors. When the user selects a particular inspection, all available geometric and semantic information is included to allow the optimal processing by appropriate detector during production.

CAD2SCAN is a special plug-in that provides users with a workspace for defining visual and measurement inspection tests on their own CAD software


Intelligent inspection planning

Planner is one of the core components of the Kitov solution. The primary purpose is to automatically generate an optimal inspection plan which can be used to control automated production inspection with 100% part coverage.

With the base test definition created in CAD, Planner creates a path plan for the robot based inspection, taking into account the optimum trajectories, camera illumination angles, collision avoidance, and cell boundaries. Planner understands inspection best practices and uses this information to ensure the inspection plan is perfectly matched to the part.

After performing an alignment of the part, Planner directly controls a robot to complete an enrollment scan. This optimizes the image acquisition at each viewpoint in the scan by adaptively controlling the camera and illumination. Planner then generates the test plan ready for use in production.

Planner includes a comprehensive suite of tools and wizards including:

  • Part Motion Assistant – connects and drives the robot hardware to simply align any particular fixture or part to the robot coordinates.
  • Overlay Render – projects actual images of the part over the CAD model to allow simple identification and check of inspection points by a user.
  • 3D Part Mapping – Planner can be used to create a complete 3D point cloud of a part. This is used for both validations of part positioning as well as enrollment of parts that do not have an associated CAD model. 

A flexible, automated vision inspection solution for production

Inspector is the production-time inspection platform. For each inspection contained in the inspection plan and for each part, Inspector will capture a high contrast image and run the desired detector. Inspector runs in a browser-based application following an intuitive process flow that guides the operator through each step – from loading a new inspection plan to summarizing and exporting a final report. Results of each inspection are stored and defects can be reviewed against golden parts with the defect highlighted in the image (main defect images – left), and the precise location on the part identified in a 3D render of the part (lower left of defect images).

Additional features of Inspector include:

  • Simple loading and changing of test plans to quickly reconfigure for a new part in the production
  • Review detected anomalies and approve, label for rework, or reject – user input assists in the continual learning of Kitov’s proprietary detectors
  • Generate detailed reports for records, manifests, and storage in Quality Management Systems
  • Output individual test results to the wider automation system or PLC